Industry Training

Agricultural Intrapreneurship

AgInnovate's training workshops have been developed to address the growing demand for innovation training in the agrifood sector and are delivered by a combination of AgInnovate staff, Fellows, and industry experts. These workshops afford participants the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams to progress an unmet agrifood need through the AgInnovation entrepreneurship development process.

AgInnovate hosts a series of training workshops that will focus on this process.

Workshop Content and Team Deliverables

Content Deliverables (Based on Previous Week's Content)
1. Welcome Talk / Outline / What to Expect / The Spirit of AgTech Entrepreneurship Elevator Pitch / Team Formation
2. Who Is Your Customer? / Primary Market Research Executive Summary v1 / Team Advisor
3. What Can You Do For Your Customer? Market Definition Section
4. Customer-Product Mapping / Design Thinking Description of Target Customer
5. Competitive Advantage / How Does Your Customer Acquire Your Product? Value Proposition
6. Entrepreneurial Leadership Culture Competitive Advantage Section
7. How Do You Make Money Off Your Product? Customer Acquisition Analysis
8. Completing the Unit Economics Go To Market Section (Sales, Marketing, Pricing)
9. Financial Statements How To / Raising Money -
10. How Do You Design and Build Your Product? Financial Section / Human Resources Section
11. How Do You Scale Your Product? / Presenting Your Business Plan Product Section
12. Pitch Day Executive Summary v2 / Presentation

If you have any queries regarding the workshops, or have an interest in participating, contact AgInnovate at